Monocultivar Semidana

An oil with a medium intense fruitiness, slightly bitter and spicy with aromatic notes of freshly cut grass and green tomato. On the palate, bitter, spicy and astringent are mild with notes of sweetness. The after-olfactory sensations confirm the herbaceous, fruity, fresh olive and floral aromas. Its moderately intense flavor makes it versatile and allows for a very varied use in the kitchen, ideal for seasoning medium and large-structured dishes.

Monocultivar Bosana

This oil has an intense fruitiness with hints of tomato, artichoke, fresh mowed grass and aromatic herbs. The “bitter” and “spicy” taste are equally intense, persistent, and the oil is quite fluid and slightly astringent. The after-olfactory and gustatory notes confirm the herbaceous odorous sensations, which leave the mouth “clean” with a slight astringency.

The intense fruity taste and the high and persistent sensation of bitterness and spiciness are enhanced when combined with dishes with an important structure, such as red meats, legume soups and bruschetta. Also excellent for use raw in salads or in a dip.

Sandalia original blend: Bosema

Our blend comes from the mixing of the two monovarietal extra virgin olive oils of Bosana and Semidana. The result is a very balanced and harmonious oil, ideal for seasoning medium and large-structured dishes.

Harvested by hand

Our olives are harvested by hand and placed in ventilated boxes to prevent the fermentation process from starting. Stored in cool environments, they are pressed within a maximum of 12 hours of harvesting.

Stored in stainless steel tank

Once the processing is completed, the oil is stored in stainless steel AISI 304 tanks, connected to a system powered by nitrogen, an inert gas, which is introduced into the tank, preventing the oxidation processes and therefore the consequent rancidity. This preservation technique extends the life of the quality of the extra virgin olive oil.